China Glaze's Urban night striping tape mani

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Even though fall hasn't arrived yet I'm starting to look forward to the polishes I'm going to bring back out and one of the first few colours I always think of would be those eggplant shades. I have a thing for them; they're just great to wear whenever fall comes around.

This is China Glaze's Urban night from their Fall metro collection 2011. It's a very straightforward eggplant purple. It’s a little dark, a little vampy and lovely. 

Here in the photos I have three coats. The first like a lot of polishes was streaky; it would have been fine on the second coat except some parts looked a little patchy from the brush dragging the polish. You have to be careful with that especially near the cuticle area so I applied a third coat to make things look even. Dry time was good and clean-up was very easy.

This manicure was actually one night old and without top coat before I started taking any photos. I fell asleep before attempting to try out the simple design I had in mind and when I did it didn't even come out half right for me to take any photographs. Luckily I snapped a few right after applying the striping tape and before applying any polish.

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