China Glaze's Lofty ambitions with a bit of Barry M

Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's time to pull out an oldie to wear again so I grabbed one of the dark shades since the previous manicure was full of light ones. Here's China Glaze's Lofty ambitions from their metro fall 2011 Collection. It's already been two years since I've had this and fall's just about coming round again. Ah time flies doesn't it?

Light box photo.

Lofty ambitions is a deep vampy wine red with very tiny shimmers. It's very subtle but if you look closely they're definitely there. The application and formula was normal to deal with too. One coat was alright but in the end it took two to finish the look.

I was planning to leave things plain with this manicure but my hand just grabbed the Barry M silver nail art pen that was sitting next to me at the time and started doodling on my thumb nail. It was just simple random lines at first but a design started forming inside my head and so that’s how it came out. It looked good enough so I went ahead and did the rest of my nails; my thumb still looked the neatest though.

These nail art pens are super handy especially when you're terrible at using nail brushes and doing any freehand nail art. I'm thinking of posting a review once I've had a good try of the pens in each colour for a good while.

CG's Lofty ambitions. Before adding the Barry M silver nail art pen.

How's everyone feeling today? Good? What's your favourite wine red polish? 

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