First attempt at splatter nails

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I'm trying to tick off a few designs on my to do list and splatter nails have been sitting on there for way too long so I decided to give it a go after gathering everything I needed.

I wanted to start off with a dark colour for my first time so I did a few trials on some fake nails to see how some colours looked against each other. I went with the black and pink colour combo in the end.

The next thing is finding the right straw. Whether it's from the supermarket, McDonalds or Starbucks it doesn't matter but I suggest having a few in hand and giving them a try before using for your nails. I prefer the smaller straws because it seems easier to blow the polish. I've tried one from McDonalds and one in a multipack from my local grocery store but the hole was a little big and it didn't splatter so nice. 

I was stressing on what else I could use when I realised my cotton buds are basically straws with balls of fluff plopped on both ends so I removed them and used that instead.

What I used/did:

  • The black base is two coats of Misa's I will survive.
  • It's not opaque enough for one coat but this one dries fairly quickly. I've realised my bottle is starting to thicken up a little though. Time to bring out the nail polish thinner soon. Boo.
  • I placed a few drops of Color club's foil me once, a shimmery pink foil, onto a piece of paper and dipped the cotton bud stick into the polish. Aiming it at my nails, I blew a strong puff of air through the stick and so the polish splattered right onto the nails.

Light box photos

This is indeed a messy manicure so before you start you could line your cuticles with some tape or having a few cotton buds would be handy. The clean-up with foil me once was also messy with the shimmer leaking once it came in contact with the acetone. Overall the manicure turned out alright.

I'll definitely be trying this again with different colours but I might want to go easy on myself next time. Maybe I was puffing a little too hard my chest hurt a little. I started losing my breath and so I didn't have enough for my left hand. Now that part came out as a hot mess LOL

Thanks for reading. What splatter colour combo would you like to see next?

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  1. I love how this turned out! Very nice! Makes me wanna try it too now.

  2. Wow such a good contrast, love it!

  3. Nice splatters! I like the final look :)


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