Essie's Haute as hello polka dots

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When I first started out nail blogging there were a few nail polishes I purchased that ended up being pushed aside because it was the first time meeting those sheer, streaky or runny formulas and Essie's Haute as hello is one of them. I feel guilty for not wearing this properly even once during the two to three years I've had it or even attempting to fight it out with the formula.

Essie's Haute as hello + polka dots. Light box photo.

Essie's HAH is one I've always confused with Essie's Van D'go because I never gave it a proper look to realise they're actually really different. HAH is a bright peachy coral with a tricky formula, it's thin and runny which makes it hard to apply. It ends up a little streaky and the brush tends to drag the polish so it needs a minimum of three coats. I went ahead and put on a fourth to cover up some bits and bob but even so I had no problem with the polish thickness. The formula is so thin that it actually felt like there were only two coats. It has a semi matte finish with fast drying time between each layer. 

It held up very well during my four hour shift at work but I came home thinking I wanted to add a little more to it. I didn't quite remember the last time I did a full polka dot manicure so polka dots it was. My hands look a little tanned with HAH on but it usually is with shades like this. I really like this shade; it really fitted the weather at the time.

Essie's Haute as hello. No top coat. Light box photo.

No top coat. Indoor photo.

No top coat. Outdoor photo.

With top coat. Light box photo.

With top coat. Indoor photo.

Do you have any polishes that you've neglected because of the formula? What do you think of Essie's Haute as hello?

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  1. I've two H&M polishes that I got because I loved the colors but the formula is awful, so now I only use them rarely when I forget how bad they are :)

  2. i always overlook essie colours as their formula isn't known for being opaque, but this colour is so lovely that i don't think that i would mind applying four coats! great photos too xo

  3. Those nail colours are gorgeous! Ive had a few problems like that with some of my opi polishes

  4. Beautiful color! Love your nails!


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