China Glaze's Lemon fizz and Misa's Pink cadillac water marble

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It seemed a while since I last did a water marble so I pulled out some brights to match the sunny weather we were having in the UK at that time. I hardly wear yellow especially as a full manicure on its own but I do like to bring it out when it comes to nail art.

The base is China Glaze's Lemon fizz which is a bright yellow crème. Both coats applied with this polish was streaky, it would've been better with a third but since it'll be covered with the water marble design I left it as it was. The layer of yellow used in the design could act as a third coat.

The colour I paired Lemon fizz with was Misa's Pink Cadillac. Just tried to search my blog for a post to let you see how it looks on its own but it seems that I haven't done one. Oops. You can look forward to that one in the future ;)
Pink Cadillac is a lovely shimmery pink but it looks a little in the design because of the yellow it's mixed in with.

I didn't have high expectations for this water marble with the bright colours and new pattern I started trying out but everything came out neat and it started to grow on me. Very little mistakes too!

What colour combo would you like to see for the next water marble design? What do you think of this one?

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