Models Own Oval Plum

Thursday, February 19, 2015

First of all Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing happiness, fortune and prosperity for everyone!

Secondly, for those that follow me on Instagram also, my username has now changed from Choi_x to Choiloves_x to match my blog name but this post and the following ones after this will include my old Instagram name because these were all edited before I decided on the name change.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way here's Models Own's Oval Plum. A while back Models Own had this awesome half price sale, if you didn't pick anything up during that time you really missed out! I purchased two full collections including the Diamond Luxe and new Chrome sets.

Oval plum belongs to the Diamond Luxe collection and the biggest selling point with this set is the polishes contain real diamond dust. It makes even the common colours feel fancy and looks good. If only my camera could capture the shimmery side of it all.

One coat of Oval Plum is good enough but two coats is best. Application is smooth too. This polish really didn't disappoint.

I picked out this shade to try simply because it looked very feminine and fitted Valentines very well. It did need a bit more of that love touch to it though so with the Chrome gold from their new Chrome collection I did a lousy attempt at some crosses and love hearts. They're not particularly perfect and the brush strokes are very evident but it'll have to do.

How did everyone spend their Valentines? How will you be spending Chinese new year?

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