OPI Conquistadorable color and freehand flowers

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'd always thought that I had posted something about this polish seeing that I don't own as many OPI's as I would've liked but it seems that it hasn't made an appearance yet. I have too many colours like it that it's hard to even recall whether I've posted anything about it.

Now that Valentines and Chinese New Year is right around the corner, this seems like a great shade suited for this time of the year. 

This is OPI's Conquistadorable Color. Phew. Long name isn't it but the shade is a very lovely pinkish red. If you're wondering what's going on inside the bottle I suggest you throw away the idea of even asking me about it because I simply don't know. It might have been like that when I received it but as long as the colour comes out right, which as you can see came out great, then I'm fine with it looking like so.

I wanted to leave this manicure plain but then I didn't want to. This is the struggle that I go through almost every time I'm wearing a creme and more often it's the idea of adding an awesome design that wins. Ha! Well it isn't awesome every time but I attempt to make it be so out came the nail art pens.

The pen wasn't working with me very well with all the polish oozing out of the pen tip making it harder to get a neat thin line. Even after tugging the pen lid too tight that I pulled out the whole brush out of the tube causing a polish explosion but I got there in the end and this is how it all turned out.

What's everyone's plans for Valentines and/or Chinese New year? Have you thought of your Valentine's manicure yet? :)

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