DIY polish nail decals with Misa and Barry M

Sunday, March 01, 2015

I've heard too much about these DIY nail decals and it's about time I try this technique myself. This is actually my second attempt. The first didn't work out after the polish as I was peeling it from the plastic punched pockets so it's important to wait until everything has dried. I didn't have as much patience for nail art back then as I do now which is why it took so long for me to have a second go at these.

For this manicure you'll need:

  • One coat of your preferred base coat (I use Essie's Grow Stronger base coat)
  • Three coats of Barry M's Matt white. I usually do two but my bottle is starting to thicken up making the application uneven so it looked best at three coats.
  • Misa's Skinny dipping - a shimmery turquoise and Barry M's Gold glitter for the nail decals. Paint one to two coats on a plastic punched pocket and wait until they're fully dry before peeling the polish. I think it'd be better to wait for at least an hour. Keep it aside, put your feet up and relax until it's ready.
  • Once the polish is dry, use the pointy end of a cuticle pusher or any other tool better for the job to peel the polish away from the plastic wrap. Cut the polish in squares or other shapes you prefer.
  • Place wherever you like on the nail.
  • Apply one coat of your preferred top coat to seal everything. (I use Misa's UV Bounceback)

Any nail inspo for what my manicures I could do next?

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