NOTD: Misa’s Bubblepop

Friday, October 26, 2012

Let me tell you I hardly own/wear anything that’s a coral-pink colour because it looks out of place on me. For nail polish though I couldn’t judge since this was the first proper coral polish I own and tried. I LOVE IT. I’m a bit more adventurous with my nails than I usually am in life so I’m glad I pushed myself to purchase this and give it a try.

Misa’s Bubblepop is a coral pink shimmer from their 2012 HOT Summers collection, it’s quite bright and definitely suits the summer season. I think it fits into the collection and surprisingly matched my skin tone too. Found the formula to be very nice; each layer applied smooth and thin. It’s a little sheer so it took three coats for it to look opaque. You could stop at two if you like the sheer look.

The colour looked attractive, nails looked glossy, my cuticles looked neat, no extra bits sticking out around my nails and the rest looked even. These all made me love everything about this manicure. Out of the photos of the shade, I’d say the ones taken outdoors are closest to the true colour.

I kept this on for four days but it stained my nails like a *beep*. I’ve included a photo of how my nails looked after I’d removed the polish, they’re looking very pink. They lightened up a little after one to two manicures though.

Have you heard of the brand Misa before? How do you feel about Bubblepop?

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