NOTD: Misa’s double Dutch

Sunday, October 28, 2012

This is another from Misa’s HOT summer’s collection but out of the bunch I’d say this one was the least I was interested in. From the bottle it’s not a shade that’d wow me because I have quite a few pinks already. 

Double Dutch is sort of a lavender pink. It’s sweet and girly. Everything went smooth from the application to the opacity which only took two coats but when you wear so many pinks you wouldn’t really want it as a plain manicure unless it’s anything special. At least that’s how I felt around that time, so I pulled out China Glaze’s Techno which I haven’t worn in a while and applied it to my accent nail. I didn’t apply another layer of top coat to give the glitters the extra shine, didn’t really think they needed it. Hmm, I didn’t feel the same with Techno like the last few times I wore it. Nonetheless I do think it’s a great layering polish. Despite the fact that I didn’t feel the whole manicure looked exciting, I did leave it on for a good 6 days.

I haven’t purchased any polishes in ages but when I allow myself to I want to pick up some more Misa ones. I feel they’re not getting enough attention than they should have, why’s that?! They’re not bad. Also, one day I might do a nail polish collection post, just to show how many I’ve accumulated over this year. I want to organise everything to see how many of each colour I have and which ones I’m missing.

Do you own any Misa polishes? What’s your favourite layering glitter?

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