Nails Inc Barbican & some nail art doodling using Barry M

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I have to admit I'm pretty late when it comes to trying some of the new stuff which is why I've never tried any concrete polishes. Have a look at Nails Inc's Barbican though, it's the first concrete polish in my collection.

Barbican is a sort of grey-ish green rough textured polish. The colour looks a little light in my photos but this one is definitely a one coater. Doing two was a must for me though just to make sure everything was covered. It's fast drying even without a top coat.

I wouldn't say these types of polishes are exactly my style. My fingers were just itching to rub those rough surfaces against something but it's nice to have in my collection since it's different from the usual.

When manicures reaches the end of it's wear time I tend to do some practice nail designs before removing everything since it's a good canvas to work on without having to worry about messing the whole thing up. My Barry M nail art pens are no longer kept in my drawers but instead sitting on my table so I used it for some nail art doodling since it's now in easy access. The surface was rough to work on but it ended up looking good to me. Will definitely be re-doing these designs properly. 

Does anyone own any concrete polishes? Would you give it a try? What's your opinion on it? 

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this. 

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