Nails Inc's Battersea

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here's another Nails Inc polish I want to show you guys and this time it's a glitter. A green glitter. Green isn't my favourite colour but some are acceptable, like this one.

This is actually the second time wearing this polish because the first just wasn't working out for me. The glitters were too sparse even on the second coat that I came to realise Battersea was meant to be layered onto something else so here's attempt number two.

The base is Misa's I will survive. Just a plain black. Usually when layering glitters, black and white just seems like the first and safest option? Lol and here's two coats of Battersea layered on top sealed with one top coat. This one had easy applicaton and the glitters applied evenly without me having to patch up any uneven parts. The combo lasted quite well considering it survived through my work shifts with minimum tip wear.

Ah this one just feels so Christmassy to me that it makes me feel I'm wearing it at the wrong time. Nonetheless it's still pretty.

How's everything going for everyone? Hope you're not sick of all the Nails Incs posts because I still have a few to go :)

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