Nails Inc's Mayfair

Friday, March 28, 2014

My likes for whites and creams seems to have grown over the recent period; whilst they're plain they really do make a good canvas for nail arts and some just look good on its own. Let me show you Nails Inc's Mayfair, a creamy beige with some subtle shimmer.

In some lights it looks as if it's pink but that could just be me seeing more than there really is under deficient lighting. Mayfair has a normal consistency that sort of leans to the thick side but regardless this was still easy to work with. It's actually a sensible colour that gives off a mature and elegant impression. I did in fact received a few compliments from both my colleagues and customers. The first coat is sheer but it's good enough on the second coat and you might find some brush stroke marks but they even them self out nicely.

I really liked this colour that when it came to changing the colour I had to pull out some nail art pens and start doodling. These were done with Barry M's nail art pen in black; they're the only nail art pens I own and they're very easy to use. The lines come out pretty thin at first but with time the ink starts gathering at the tip making it thick. Could become a problem if you're thinking of doing nail art with more fine detail.

I actually much prefer this shade alone here as I'm feeling indifferent about Mayfair with the design. Would definitely wear this one again! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed reading. What's your favourite white/cream colour? Care to share? :) 

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