Nails Inc's Mornington crescent

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ah Spring is just round the corner and I can't wait to bring out all my brights. Just when there was a slight show of sun during the crazy Winter weather in the UK recently, I thought it would've been the right time to try out this polish. Nails Inc's Mornington crescent. (I remember this place used to be on one of the paths to University. Just saying. Ah, I miss them days.) 

NI's Mornington crescent is a bright red coral polish which is perfect for summer. Application was good and smooth. Didn't quite expect this one to be but it turned out close to opaque in one coat with very few empty patches here and there so I'd say it has potential to be with careful application. Two coats makes it perfect here but it did stain a little.

Having such a nice colour on I kept thinking it makes such a good canvas for some nail art. Couldn't let it go to waste now can we? :) I may have done this design before but I really can't recall if I have or not. It's just like trying to remember what polishes are sitting in my stash when I'm out shopping for more.

With the help of a dotting tool and toothpick, I slowly added the flowers using Barry M's Matt white. Came out pretty good to me, wasn't clustered like how things usually turn out when I get too polish happy.

The design could have been left like so but it looked a little plain at the same time so adding dots felt like the best decision. The middle and Index fingers seems to have a little more dots than the rest. (See what I mean polish happy.) It could've been worse though and the overall look isn't bad so I'm happy.

Hope everyone enjoyed the post and pictures :)

What's your favourite colour you like to bring out whenever Spring/Summer rolls around?

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  1. The perfect nail art for Spring! Mornington Crescent is such a wonderful shade <3

  2. This is such a lovely shade and looks gorgeous with the flowers!

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  3. The flowers on your nails look so professional! I thought they were stickers originally, beautiful!

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