Nails Inc's Hammersmith

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eurgh today's weather is just horrible. The temperatures have dropped again making me having to bury myself in a blanket and two robes. Can't stand the cold anymore and coincidentally this manicure just makes me think 'icy cold'.

Here's Nails Inc's Hammersmith which is very similar to China Glaze's Lorelei's tiara. (I have a swatch of that somewhere on my blog but the pictures aren't really looking good. Neither was the manicure. Total nail noob back then.)

Hammersmith has fine small blue and silver glitter mixed with small silver hexagon ones. One thing I couldn't ignore when applying this polish was it's strong smell. Unlike the other polishes it had more of that strong chemical smell; something like glue?

Two coats of Nails Inc's Hammersmith. No top coat.

The first coat was just a little sheer but the second was much better. Only if you looked very closely would you see empty gaps but I think you'd be more concerned with the glittery goodness than the very unnoticeable gaps here. This one is Dazzling!

Two coats of Nails Inc's Hammersmith. Top coat.

It has normal consistency similar to that of China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara. Cleanup was very easy compared to other glitters. They're usually a pain in the booty when I get to that stage with glitter polishes. Drying time is a little slow though so do make sure you bring out that fast dry top coat if you already ain't using one.

Two coats of Nails Inc's Hammersmith. Top coat.

Two coats of Nails Inc's Hammersmith. Top coat.

This one is cool and frosty. It's very pretty but the smell that it gave off did give me a headache after that I didn't even bother with the idea of a pedicure. This was one of the first polishes I tried from the bunch of Nails Inc polishes I ordered. I shuffled the order in which I was to blog about these polishes and I'll admit that this did make me question the price tag at £11 if it weren't on sale.

In addition to the pictures I took, I wanted to add some bottle shots. Just felt like showing how it looked in the bottle. 

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