Nails Inc Countess road

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gosh where has time gone?! It's the middle of March already. Weren't it just New years not long ago? At least that's what it felt like to me or maybe that's what full time work does to you. 

Anyway, there's still time to fit some Korean dramas and manicures in my busy lifestyle. Here's Nails Inc's Countess road, the fifth polish I'm trying from the lucky dip order I made ages ago. It's a gorgeous matte purple and silver shimmer polish.

This polish looks pretty much opaque in one coat but it didn't feel right for me if there wasn't a second because some parts were applied unevenly, so here in the photos you're seeing two coats. It did dry in good time which for a matte polish I consider normal.

The thing I've heard about matte polishes before is they can be prone to chipping and it's no different for Countess road. The manicure didn't really survive to the second day because I realised some minor tip wear and a chip on the thumb on the first. A top coat would've helped but wouldn't that just beat the purpose of it being matte? Thinking back it would've been good to see how all that shimmer looked under a layer of glossy top coat or a nail design too? Ah well, next time. :) 

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed this post. :)

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