China Glaze's Icicle and Bogie striping tape mani

Friday, January 16, 2015

Even though I might have more than one of each colour I always feel like I'm stuck for choice! So I'm trying hard to make use of all the polishes currently sitting in my drawer to convince myself that what I have is enough and I really don't need any more. 

Here's two polishes which were pretty much purchased at the beginning of this whole nail polish thing and I'm happy that they're both still in good condition. Not dried out nor goopy and still looks good to wear.

Here is China Glaze's Bogie which is a shimmery eggplant purple. I had blogged about this one before when I first made my own lightbox. You could check it out HERE but those days were when my nails were close to nubs but not quite. I have since realised that I prefer my nails with a little bit of length.

The silver is China Glaze's Icicle which I use quite often because the shimmer is absolutely amazing. The colour just doesn't disappoint even if it's pretty standard.

Do you remember some of the first polishes in your collection or that you ever bought? What was it? Do you still have it?

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