Got the pink nails with glitter striped tips featuring Color Club and Barry M

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Say yay to pink! Say yahoo to glitter! Say woop woop to all of them combined! ^^

Ever since the pink cloud mani I became quite fond of the neon on pastel pink pairing so I pulled the two colours out again. The design this time was much simple compared to the last time these polishes had been used. 

It was merely just using two coats of Color Club's Endless as the base and painting a stripe of Color Club's Flamingo down the middle of the nail on the middle and ring finger.
The glitter is Barry M's Gold majesty from their royal textured glitter collection. I even did a swatch post on the whole set which you can also check out over HERE.

Though it wasn't as exciting as when I first wore this colour combination I think it turned out alright. Your thoughts?

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