NOTD: China Glaze’s Fuchsia fanatic, some stamping and a few mistakes

Friday, August 03, 2012

I was originally planning to use an old polish in my drawer for this manicure, its best I start using the old ones now before I’ll never manage to finish a few bottles in my lifetime. I saw fuchsia fanatic in my drawer of unworn and ended up going with that one since it’s nothing special that I didn’t feel it’d be a big loss if it didn’t get a post of its own.

I did include a photo of it before I went forward with the stamping just to let you see how it looked on its own. I find the first photo more colour accurate than the rest. Though it’s a pretty standard fuchsia that I’m sure you could easily find a dupe of, I quite liked this one. It’s not too bright that I’m scared it’s too overwhelming for my skin tone instead it’s a little deep. 

The formula though is runny. It’s one of those ones where after you’ve brushed off the excess at the neck of the bottle, you’ll see some polish running down the brush out of nowhere. The opacity of this one is good though, one thick coat might do the job but I did two just in case.

I felt like I’ve been neglecting some of my nail art equipment and that includes my stamping plates so I took them out to see some daylight. I didn’t just want an accent nail design so I stamped every finger the best I can but you can obviously see where I messed up on and it was ALWAYS the corners.

Though the stamping wasn’t perfect I kept this one on a day longer than I planned to because I was happy with the colour and it help up pretty well. By the fourth day I only had minor chips and I didn’t want to change it before I saw a bit more damage to it otherwise I’d feel like I’m wasting.

What I did:
  • Applied The Edge base coat
  • Painted two coats of China Glaze’s Fuchsia fanatic
  • Layered a thin coat of China Glaze’s fast forward top coat and wait until it dries properly
  • Using Essie’s Blanc and BM plate 209 to stamp the lines on every finger
  • Finished off the manicure with another thin coat of China Glaze’s fast forward topcoat.
Do you prefer fuchsia fanatic on its own or with the stamping?

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