NOTD: First glitter sandwich

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My indecisiveness really doesn’t help at times when I’m in a hurry to polish my nails before dark (I like to take my pictures in natural light than under a lamp). I was torn between different manicure ideas so I went with the one the easiest yet fastest option. I’m not quite feeling this first glitter sandwich manicure I just did but it’s good to try out some new ideas.

I used China Glaze’s encouragement which is a really soft kind of sheer pink with silver shimmer/flakes, it seems slightly milky. If I didn’t put this on I wouldn’t have remembered how much I used to like this one, it’s beautiful. The reason I don’t love it is because of the formula. I like the sheerness of it but they’re not easy to apply without it being uneven. I didn’t need to worry too much this time though since I knew I’d be layering other coats on top.

To start of the manicure I applied a base as usual, two coats of encouragement, a layer of OPI’s gone gonzo, another layer of encouragement on top and finished off with a top coat. I only did this to my left hand but I stopped after a layer of gone gonzo on the right because I wanted to see which side I’d prefer more. The third layer of encouragement made the blue glitters look lighter but I still prefer it without. I think this polish wasn’t the best for the whole sandwich manicure.

I fancy the whole sparkly, glittery look which is why I like the right hand better. This manicure actually reminds me that I’ve never used gone gonzo on its own and layered it to full opacity, I’ll keep this in mind for another day though. Overall this manicure turned out a little much for me, layer wise. All the coats added up making it seem a little thick.

Have you tried a glitter sandwich manicure before?

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  1. I've experimented with some glitter sandwich ideas on a nail wheel, but I haven't done it on my actual nails yet. I want to soon, though!

  2. This soooo pretty! It almost looks matte,which is even prettier in some ways!


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