NOTD: Orly’s Smolder (Picture heavy)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I’ve been putting off making this post for five days already especially the last two days. Getting back to work after my two weeks off has made me feel like I’ve been kicked 50 times. Finally pushed myself to do some typing before I remove what’s currently on my nails, Orly’s smolder.

Orly describes this one as a deep wine shimmer. In my words I’d say smolder is a lovely deep, shimmery purple-ish red. This is the first Orly I own and tried and so far I like it. I just wished it looked amazing in every lighting rather than appearing a little dark in some other than that it’s still really good in my books.

This one came out with such weird lighting. I still kept the photo though

I Google searched the definition of Smolder and apparently it means to burn with little smoke and no flame. It explains why the colour appears slightly dark but still has that shimmer and fieriness to it. I looked for some images too but most of what came up was Flynn Rider’s smolder look from the Disney animation Tangled which I found pretty funny (Awesome film, one of my favourite Disney movies!)

The formula was slightly runny but overall the application wasn’t bad. After the first few strokes I’ve already decided I was going to keep purchasing this brand. I used two coats of smolder but you could easily get away with one if you did a slightly thick coat, just slightly though since it’s kind of close to opaque. I had no problem removing this one, at the end my whole cotton pad looked purple and there wasn’t really any staining either.

I took a ridiculous amount of photos but cut it down to a little less than a dozen. Please enjoy :)

Do you own any Orly polishes? What was the first Orly polish you picked up?

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  1. This looks like a perfect fall color! I only have maybe 10 or so Orly polishes, but I like the brand.

  2. wow this is a beautiful shade. I love the depth, glossiness, and shimmer in it.


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