Haul: I went a little hand cream crazy!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

I needed some essentials so I thought I’d make an online order on boots.com. When I was making this haul I obviously neglected the fact that I only have a pair of hands but I seriously didn’t want to let go of the hand creams I had in my online basket.

What I purchased:
Soap & Glory hand food hand cream x6
Barry M limited edition Jewel Britannia nail polish
Cutex nail polish remover

I’ve been trying to keep myself in the habit of moisturising my hands whenever I have the chance so I keep my hand cream near. I do this mainly for the sake of my nails because apparently it helps. It’s been a few days already and I’m close to finishing the whole tube, it’s about time since I’ve had this cream for ages, I just abandoned it for awhile.

I wanted to try out Soap & glory since I’ve given it a sniff before and it smells great. I’ve even seen it featured on STYLESUZI’s blog. Each 125ml tube of hand cream retails for £5, there’s a 50ml tube for half the price but I wanted the bigger version since it was on a 3 for 2 promotion. Three hand creams would cost £10 which is around £3.33 for one, that’s good in my opinion since the 50ml is £2.50 anyway. I went ahead and popped six hand creams into my basket.

I saw a swatch of the Barry M Jewel Britannia polish and I just had to have it. I don’t usually buy drugstore polishes but because this was limited edition and it was made to match the union jack flag (WOOO! TEAM GB!) I just had to get it. This polish would be good for those in the states as well since our flags share the same colours.

When it comes to nail polish remover I’m really not picky, I go with whatever I find as long as it doesn’t damage my nails. The cutex polish remover seemed like something that’s worth a try so in my basket it went but when I received it I didn’t expect it to be that tiny compared to my current one. I checked the bottle and turns out it’s a 100ml bottle, this will last me a little while though.

I didn’t order up to £40 so my package wasn’t eligible for free shipping but I really didn’t have anything else I wanted. If I think about it the shipping fee would’ve been around about the same price if I were to make my way to the store to pick up the items personally.

What’s your favourite hand cream and nail polish remover?

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