Haul: Orly’s fired up collection Fall 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Say YAY for my first Orly polishes and say BOO to my no polish buy. I’ve decided to put myself on one for a month or so since I’m thinking of making some career changes and having some extra cash would be really handy. Enough about me though, let’s move on to the stars of this post, Orly’s fired up collection.

Half of the polishes are mainly reds so and from the collection name to the shades I’m guessing it’s the colours that show a flame from start to finish, light to dark.

L-R: Glow, Flare, Ignite, Flicker, Smolder, Rapture

L-R: Glow, Flare, Ignite

L-R: Flicker, Smolder, Rapture

Here are the polishes in the collection and what Orly describes them as:

Glow – Taupe crème. This is the only neutral polish in the collection. 

Flare – Pale Gold Shimmer. The word ‘Flare’ means to burn into powerful, sudden flame. Gold and sudden flame? Sounds matching to me.

Flicker – Rust duo chrome Shimmer. This one shifts from orange to red, I see more orange than anything. ‘Flicker’ means flame movements which causes the brightness to vary. 

Ignite – Red creme. Looks like a basic blood red in the bottle.

Smoulder – Deep Wine Shimmer. Smolder means to burn with little flame so it looks dark but still has that fiery look to it.

Rapture – Chocolate Brown crème. Darkest colour as if the flame just burned out. Very fall looking.

Some of the name definitions literally fit very well with the colour. I love my reds so I like what came in this collection. One thing I just realised was each bottle is 18ml which explains why it retails for a little more at $4.25 on Transdesign.

Would you purchase any from this collection? Which polish do you like best?

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