Color Club's Mod in Manhattan with gradient and glitter chevrons

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Me and my cousin rarely cross each others paths these days because of work, relationships and our busy lifestyles but when we finally got together again she packed a bag full of goodies for me which to my surprise included nail polish. She got an even bigger surprise when she was literally going through every single one of my nail polishes. 

She gave me a few mini China Glazes and Color club which includes the one below. CC's Mod in Manhattan. A sort of faint peachy milky shade which needed about 3 coats before I could move onto something else.

You know, I've missed chevron nails very much but having to manually cut the tape with my zigzag scissors making sure they're just about the right size really does take a bit of time and effort. So I gave in. I bought them. NAIL VINYLS. From Shesellsseashells. I almost had trouble typing this out as I was saying it.

Using the relaxed chevron, Essie's Lilacism and China Glaze's All aboard I did the gradient sponge effect but since this was my first encounter with these nail vinyls I totally ignored the part where people mentioned that you should wait until it's FULLY dry. A part of the polish on the pinkie almost got dragged off.

With one of the nail art pens I received from my cousin I lined with chevron with some gold glitter but I prefer it without. In fact I did feel like these colours weren't really a great match so I'm not particularly feeling great about the chevrons but I do like the base.

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