'I don't give a splatter' nails with China Glaze's Well Trained

Monday, December 01, 2014

I'm having mixed opinions about this one. They're not really doing it for me but then again from afar they don't look too bad. It just doesn't seem to look too pleasant when it's up close and on top of that I wanted to show China Glaze's fairy dust which is full of fine holo glitters. It's an old but gold polish. 

The base is China Glaze's Well trained which is a dark teal creme. My camera really altered the shade to show up a shade closer to blue that I almost got confused as to what this one actually was now that I'm really slacking on my polish notes.

With a straw and lots of energy I gave these nails the splatter effect which worked nicely on some parts, very blotchy on others so in an attempt to save it I splatter CG's Well trained on top again only to realise nope, it's not going to work the way I want it. 

CG's Fairy dust is a great glitter top coat and though it feels like it wasn't really used wisely here I'm feeling it'll do well for some galaxy nails. Next manicure idea?

What do you think about these nails? 

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