China Glaze what are you A-Freight of asymmetric nails

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bringing you some nail art today with some China Glaze and Orly.
For the base I used China Glaze's What are you A-freight of which is a chocolate purple brown? I keep seeing a deep purple side to it but I'm not sure if it's just me.
These days I like to cover my manicure with some sort of nail art but with this one I'm sure I'll be fine just wearing it as it is. It's got a good formula to it too, only needing two coats for it to appear like so.

Tape manis are pushed to the back of my head most times when I start to think about the waiting time before any manicure is ready for some sellotape but this time I stuck around just to do it. 
Here's some asymmetric nails. I did mess up on some parts when removing the tape so the lines aren't crisp clean but I'll get the hang of it for next time.
The beige nude is Orly's Glow whilst the shimmery yellow gold is Orly's Flare.

Having the design on the accent nail kept this manicure looking simple and it looks good for work without being too boring. But I wanted to see how it looked with more so I went over the index finger too. 

Love it. Think this has to be the best look out of the three. Yes, three. Because I went ahead  and did the rest of the nails. Here's the final look.

Which one would you prefer?

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