Jessica's Overture with image stamping

Sunday, December 14, 2014

When out of nail design ideas you can always rely on image stamping. I've got Jessica's Overture here with a stamping from the Bundle monster 210 plate to tone down how bright and shimmery the base was.

You might see that the image close to the tips look broken and that's because I couldn't transfer the whole image without missing out the tips. Going over the nail just meant make the image look broken.

If we can just forget the image for a second and look at home intense the base is. I don't wear oranges polish so often but this one is a good one. It's more of a red fiery orange but the shimmer and application was perfect and so clean ups went smooth too. I think I can show off a little and be like 'look at my clean cuticle line ^^'

The base is pretty fierce but now I look back I think it looked best without the stamping. Nevertheless they both look fine and I'm happy with it.

What do you think? With or without the stamping? What would you have done to this base?

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