Maybelline color show crystallize in Red excess

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Here's the first ever Maybelline polish I've ever owned. I tend to neglect a lot of polishes that are local to me but I'm not quite sure if this polish is still available in your local drugstores.

This is Red excess a mix of crushed smoky black, yellowy gold, reddish purple glitter in a tinted dark base which you can see from the bottle. It dries to a textured finish which reminds me very much of the Barry M textured collection

The polish is fast drying but you may still need to patch up some parts after painting because it doesn't apply well on the sides of the nails. In the pictures are two coats of red excess with no top coat but I wish I captured my nails with at least one coat to see how it looked. I believe the glitters would have shined WAY better. It'll lose the whole textured finish but you might get to see the different shades of glitter better than when it was without. Unfortunately the manicure chipped the next day in the shower due to its matte finish and having no top coat but out of curiosity I patched things up added a layer of top coat. The shine and glitter looked amazing until the top coat slowly sank into it. Hmm, top coat eater here?

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  1. Wow this looks absolutely amazing! It reminds me of the matte glitter polishes from Models Own


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