Silver chevron nails with Barry M and China Glaze

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Here's Barry M's Multiglitter which is a black base with fine silver and holo glitters which there's more to see of in the bottle. It has that bit of night sky with stars/galaxy impression to it; a little different to the plain black.

The first coat went on with the brush dragging the polish leaving an empty patch on some parts but sometimes things get better on the second coat. It's good that that was the case with this one. Two coats and it's all good to go. The drying time unfortunately wasn't as good as the other BM's I've tried but it does dry with a bit of gloss.

My notes don't mention anything about what I used for the chevrons, that clearly shows that it was a spontaneous decision to add it on. 

I wanted to do just one nail to see how it went but as the nails were getting done I couldn't stop. Heck, these were fun! A lot of people are using nail vinyls to create chevron nails these days but these were done with normal tape and yes, that meant cutting them myself with my zigzag scissors and trying to make sure they were cut proportional to each other. This actually burned quite a bit of time that it made me want to make my own nail vinyls just for the sake of not having to go through that again. The end results? Love it.

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