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Friday, September 05, 2014

Here comes an old collection from Models own that I didn't quite get around to blog about at the time of their release. It's been a while that they've already extended the Hypergel collection by a few more polishes. I'll be showing some nail art using these MO polishes so stay tuned!

These were purchased when Models Own was holding a 6 for £20 promotion making each almost £3.50 compared to the usual £5. I decided to make my first MO online order of all 10 polishes from the Hypergel collection along with two random glitters. I usually purchase them in store with the 3 for 2 promos so they come home with me quicker but since my order qualified for free shipping it reached me within a few days nicely packaged in bubble wrap.

Starting off here's MO's Pink Veneer - baby pink creme. I've read here and there that this had a tricky formula that required around 2-3 coats. PV made it opaque at 2 but the formula of mine was a little thick and if you're not working that brush fast enough things could start getting goopy on the nails. The drying time was okay, average but still easily smudgeable so don't dig into any hard work until some time after. 

Cornflower gleam - cornflower blue. I'm really no good at describing blues like these so I had to use the polish name in its description. This one applied streaky compared to pink veneer. Even though it evens itself out on the second you might be able to spot some bald spots here and there. I'd say 3 thin coats to be on the safe side but here I've only got 2. Average drying time.

Naked glow - a nude beige. The formula seemed a bit runny but the first coat applied good with just a few streaks. This has to be one of the few good nudes that matches awesomely well with my skin tone. Doesn't wash it out and looks like it'll be a great base for designs. 2 coats here.

Turquoise gloss - as the name suggests a turquoise green. For this one unfortunately the photos are inaccurate. Well, the more I look at it there seems to be a bit more green to it in person with a thick formula. 2 coats applied here too. My hopes were pretty high for this one but this shade of turquoise was a bit too green for my liking. I can be a bit picky with my greens.

Red lustre - a bright juicy red. The bottle shade almost fooled me into thinking it was a blood red but it turned out brighter and lighter making my skin look pale. The formula was by far the best out of the ones tried so far only needing one thin coat to make it almost opaque with a tiny bit of VNL. Maybe if I'd added another coat it would've reached the bottle shade or even closer but if one coat did the job I didn't bother to add another. (Erm, lazy right there.) 

The colour is pretty eye catching that I felt I couldn't wear it to work. It left behind some staining but it did dry faster than the others. 

Lilac sheen - pastel purple. As with other pastels I've tried this one goes on streaky at first with a second coat evening everything out. Since both layers were thin it dried in good time. Normal formula here, not as thick as the others. A really nice shade for spring.

Coral glaze - pinky coral. The formula for this one is thick so I'd say 2 coats is good enough. Thank gosh for the whole wet your nail and rub it trick because it saved the nasty dent on my middle finger after knocking it here and there. My camera had a problem picking up the right shade. It's really beautiful except drying time was average.
Looking at my nails under natural light makes it look like a pinky coral but indoors it's more of a true coral. Whichever coral it is it still makes my hands look tanned and ended with some chips and very minor tip wear on the first day.

Blue glint - a sky blue. Whether it's the formula or coats it didn't differ much from the others. Thick formula with two coats here.

Cerise shine - bright fuchsia pink. In the photos you're seeing 2 coats. The consistency was normal going on thick. It lasted a good few days without top coat with minor chipping on my left and a big chip on my right thumb which I think is reasonable considering my right does all the hard work.

White light - your basic white. Finally reached the last polish. Here's white light at two coats. Streaky at one but better at the second with a normal consistency. As I was brushing away I had a feeling it'll thicken up faster than the others.

Some nice colours have been pushed out here, nothing that you can't get elsewhere but for collection starters I'd say it's satisfactory. 

The concept of this collection highly reminds me of Barry M's hi shine gellys. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the first to say that too but there are some obvious differences though.
Appearance wise MO wins hands down. Doesn't the colour caps just look so good. It makes colour selection easier too.

One of the other things I appreciate about their packaging is its plastic wrapping which prevents tampering. Working in retail really made me see how many people would pop open bottles and bottles of polish to test them out and that'll mean the next person would be going home with something that someone else has played with. That is why I'm more cautious about products I'm about to buy bur here I don't have to worry about that problem.

These all don't require top coat after supposedly having a gel like shine but it reduces after a day or two which then you could apply a top coat to preserve the manicure. This point is similar to Barry M's but either brand the shine isn't expected to last forever so I'm not complaining.

The colours are very common but it's still nice to have. I do feel like it's still missing a few other colours though. A yellow? 

The majority of the collection had an average drying time with different consistencies more on the thicker side. That being the biggest differences from BM whose formula and drying time was pretty much consistent.
Overall I think this collection is pretty good except maybe the formulas are a bit tricky to work with at times. My favourites have to be naked glow, coral glaze, blue glint and cerise shine.

What do you think of this collection? Have you picked up any of these yet?

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