Pink and turquoise retro nails with Models Own

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Here's some nail art to make up for the fact that I'd left the Models own Hypergel collection swatches post longer than I should have. They all look like great colours for nail art but this time I used MO's Turquoise gloss as the base.

The ring and index finger are thin and large sun rays painted with MO's Pink veneer with the help of scotch tape which took less time to cut than it did with the chevrons from last time. 

Using white light I added dots on my pinkie nail and thinking the pink stripes on my index was too plain I added some there too.

I purchased quite a few glitter polishes from MO and the middle finger looked like the best place to add disco inferno. This polish is made up of small round gold glitters, small green hex ones, gold flakes with square holo glitters. There's a bit going on in there but I think it fits with everything else.

What do you think about these? :) I'm running out of design ideas. Can anyone share where they get their inspirations from?

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