Random sun rays with Ciate's Kiss chase

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I find I'm less resistant to these bright pinks as much as I used to be because Kiss chase by Ciate was a pink I quite liked. It may be streaky at first and still a little on the second coat but it still looks good, even without top coat as you're seeing it here. I did have to keep going over with the brush to make things look less patchy though. 

I left this manicure without a top coat for a reason and that is for what you're going to see below. Randomly placed silver sun rays. The rays are place on the bottom half on the index, top half for the middle, right half for the pinkie and the full nail for the ring finger.

Almost forgot to mention but the shimmery silver is Ciate's Fit for a queen and the rays were done with sellotape that I spent time cutting nicely and making sure they were sized right.

This shade is definitely great for summer which I'll miss but I'm also looking forward to bringing all the winter and fall shades back out. I know I wear them regardless of the season but I'm excited to see what everyone else will come up with for the jolly season!

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