Galaxy mix and match nails with Nails Inc, Essie and Color Club

Sunday, May 24, 2015

From start to finish I really didn't know how I wanted this manicure to turn out which is why it became a mix and match in the end. I wasn't sure how to title this manicure so I named it after the nail that had a bit more detail, the galaxy striping design.

For this manicure:

  • Apply one coat of your preferred base coat (I used Essie's protein base coat.)
  • Apply two coats of a white on the index, middle and pinkie finger nail. Here I used Nails Inc's Floral street..
  • With a silver glitter, apply to the index and pinkie. For this step I used Nails Inc's Novello street. For this polish a thumbs up!
  • Place striping tape on your nail in any specific way and dab 3-4 polishes onto a sponge and sponge over the taped nail. Remove the tape and tada, you're left with a galaxy like striping tape design. The following polishes used here were:
    - Nails Inc's Showfield street - A bit like a cornflower blue
    - Color Club's Nail-Rob - Dark eggplant purple
    - Essie's Garden variety - Teal
    - Essie's Hubby for dessert - Light lilac
  • Apply Essie's Hubby for dessert on the whole nail on the ring finger.
  • Seal with one coat of your preferred top coat. (I use Misa's UV Bounceback.)

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