Sanrio nail polish from Japan

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Remember in my last post I mentioned my friend came back from Japan with some nail polish souvenirs for me? Well here's another one I tried and it's actually from the brand Sanrio. Any childhood memories of Hello Kitty, Miffy and the rest coming out anyone? It may not come as a surprise to some people but being so distant from everything Sanrio now I didn't even know they made nail polish! I can't seem to figure out what name this polish was given so throughout I might just have to refer to it as 'the Sanrio polish'.

The thing with these Japanese nail polishes so far is they are a little different that I'd imagine just looking at the bottle. Previously with the Mpetit polish it was the shade, with this Sanrio polish it's the consistency. Things looked like they were going to be opaque on the first go but as I started painting each coat were a little sheer. They also felt jelly-like! It took about three coats for the end results but the colour is still vivid.

Had to get some nail art in in the end because I couldn't leave such a base plain. Unfortunately there is a bit of smudging going on here but I still think everything is looking good enough.

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