Lazy water marble inspired by Sveta_sanders

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Today I've got a sort of easy nail art to show you and I can tell you this was inspired by the talented Sveta_sanders on Instagram and a tutorial she did a while back. Check out her account, she does good nail art and her pictures are on point! 

I really don't see how easy she made this. Well, it is but I did have to go through a bit of trial and error before things started to look similar to the water marble effect. Either I've dug my toothpick a bit too hard that it has left a little gap, things are too well mixed that they look like a hot mess or I'll peel the polish off before it's fully dried destroying the whole thing.

So the idea is painting a base colour on some plastic wrap, I chose a clear pocket folder and painted one to two layers of Jessica's Velvet & pearls which is a black creme as the base. With Ciate's Ivory queen, an ivory with gold shimmers and Ciate's Members only which is a sheer nude with gold shimmers I added the polishes randomly onto the black polish whilst it was still wet and started swirling like a mad woman with a toothpick.

Okay, I could say the swirling was the easy part. The peeling, placing and clean up was a pain in the backside! I've seen people use a cuticle trimmer to poke things into place and trim the extra bits down before cleaning up. Even after doing so I still had a lot of work to clean off and with the choice of colour it really didn't make things easier. 

Oops! My thumb is not done.

This is the end result and I'm happy with the way it came out. (You should have seen the other attempts!)

What do you think? What other techniques would you like to see me try?

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