Side cloud and heart mani with China Glaze - Glossy and matte versions

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I really thought I knew where I was going with this one but halfway through I just started freestyling with some silver, some pink and dots.

First let me show you the base of this manicure. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this one before but in a joint post with a bunch of other manicures that I didn't feel were good enough for a full post (neither did I have time for it back then) 

Not a very frequent green wearer but this one is very suitable for fall. I just reread my old post to recall how I felt about this one before but this time round I was alright with it. It's more of a teal creme just that the colour came out a little different under my camera lens. 

This was supposed to be some sideways cloud mani with China Glaze's Refresh mint and Icicle but things just seemed a bit..weird? I guess it was partly because I weren't getting the bubble portions similar on each nail so I added some dots with hope that it'll prettify the whole thing up. 

Pink and turquoise is a pretty nice combination in my books so I added some pink. The corner could only fit two strokes which looked close to a heart so after brushing up on it, left it like so. The tips did feel a little thick at first though but after it dries it doesn't feel like that so much.

Even from the pictures above you can totally see that silver foil just reflecting the light back at you so I added a top coat to see if anything will change with that. Nothing much but I think this time I prefer the matte version.

So which one do you like more? The gloss? The matte?

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