Turquoise striping nail art with Color Club

Thursday, October 30, 2014

My turquoise shades feel so overused at time but my greens are sort of gathering dust so I brang them together to give those sort of polishes some light. I like this whole light shade dark shade pairing. It always looks so..cool? 

Right, the whole try out looked perfect on the sample nail but as I started doing my own I started losing control of how thick I was making the stripes and ended up striping things a bit more towards the edge than I had planned to. Hey, at the angle I was looking down from things looked like the bomb! Just didn't look the same when I flipped my hand around haha.

The base is Color club's Blue ming and the green is Color Club's Wild cactus with white stripes in the middle.

What other colour combinations would you like to see on this blog? What's your favourite choice of polishes to pair together?

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  1. Nice colours!! I always pair different polishes, don't really have a favourite combination. As for other colour combinations, I think this mani would look cool in pink/orange/red as well.


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