NOTD: Essie’s Sexy divide

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Ahh now this one is amazing, I received more than a few compliments at work wearing this shade. It’s Essie’s sexy divide from their winter 2008 collection. Essie isn’t a popular brand amongst everyone here though and it’s only just made it into our drugstores recently so when I told people it was from Essie not everyone knew what I was talking about.

Both taken indoors, natural light

Sexy divide is a deep rich purple with pink and blue shimmers that are hard to catch a glimpse of in the bottle unless you’re rolling it around under the light. It’s the same case once it’s on the nails too, it’s very subtle. This is one of them shades that in certain lighting could be mistaken for black but its true colour comes out when the light hits it. 

Both taken outdoors, in the sun

The rest taken outdoors, in natural light

The formula was great, I applied two coats but I think one thick coat might have done the job if it was applied evenly since it’s close to opaque. I even felt I painted my nails neater with such formula because it applies better. The shade actually looks very glass like and extra glossy. It’s beautiful. I think that comes down to my topcoat too though.

I applied this on Friday, don’t remember whether it was morning or night but by Sunday after two days of work I could peel the whole thing off. I was slightly bored sitting on the bus so I peeled almost every polish off, I only needed two minutes and a little bit of polish remover to remove the rest before my next manicure. Overall I do recommend this shade if you don’t have anything similar to it.

I photographed my nails early in the morning just when the sun was up and out and I was just cam whoring on the balcony. Haha. I’m pretty sure some of my neighbours have poked their head out and seen me picturing my hands at different times of the day. Meh. I couldn’t care less and they better get used to it because I’ll be doing that every other day.

Do you own this nail polish? What's your favourite purple?

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  1. I don't have this one yet, but I've been wanting it for a while now!


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