NOTD: First try at Japanese inspired nails

Friday, July 27, 2012

I’m not sure if I wanted to post this up. I’m not really pleased with it but I figured whether the outcome was good or bad I should. It’s something I can look back on and learn from my mistakes. It’s part of my journey to learning different types of nail art.

Let me tell you I LOVE Japanese nail art. A lot of you may think they’re over the top but I admire the design and skills you need to come up with them. What I realised is that their nail designs mainly consist of bright, fun, girly colours, loads of rhinestones and stripes. I remember going through a phase of loving 3D nail art and attempted some myself. I might want to go back to self learning those again. I wanted to have a go at a Japanese design I saw in a Japanese nail magazine and I’ll be doing a whole load of those designs so I think you’ll need to get used to them.

My attempt at this turned out frustrating. I had to redo my index once and my thumb three times! I didn’t wait until the polish was fully dry before applying the scotch tape and it ended up pulling half of the polish off. The other times I accidently smudged them. After trying scotch and masking tape I ended up using striping tape to keep things straight. I had to be extra careful because striping tape is mainly used for nail art so it’s pretty thin.

All photos taken indoors, natural light

What I did:
  • Applied The Edge base coat
  • Three coats of Essie’s Blanc
  • Added a thin layer of China Glaze’s fast forward top coat and wait until it dries PROPERLY
  • Using striping tape to line where I want the stripes
  • Applied China Glaze’s Urban night carefully then quickly removing the stripes
  • Add rhinestones and pearls on the top right of the thumb, ring finger and bottom left of the middle finger
  • I added a small bit of striping tape to the pinkie which was a right fail. It looked like the tape was soaked in polish having that greasy paper look
  • Add a thin layer of China Glaze’s fast forward top coat 
  • I added the petals on the index and pinkie finger the next day because part of it was looking empty. I even thought of adding a rhinestone in the middle of the flower. In the end I left it as that.

I tried to make it look like the design I saw in the magazine but it just doesn’t look right on me. I think I’ll have another go at Japanese nails though; I just love them too much to give up on them now.

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  1. i love japanese nail art, especially the 3d ones. i admit they are a little too overboard at times especially with the 3D things they put on the nails but i must admit they are really amazing to look at :) and i love what you did on your nails :)

    following you now :)

    1. Thanks Jel! I agree, they're beautiful pieces of art though they're not very practical but I just love the way they look. I fall for stuff like that :)

  2. this is super cute! you did an awesome job on the stripes :D


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