Some China Glaze extras from past collections

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I’m trying to pick up shades from past collections that I’ve wanted but have been too lazy to do so. Ive put this task off for so long because I see it looks similar to what I have already; it doesn’t mean I won’t be purchasing it later though.

Poinsettia is from CG’s winter holiday 2011 let it snow collection. I have a few from that set but I recently saw a manicure from another nail blogger and it reminded me that I didn’t have this shade. It’s your classic holiday red which would do well in my collection.

The next is traffic jam from their fall 2011 metro collection. I purchased more than a few from this one; it’s one of the fall collections I remember quite vividly because I liked the ones I picked up from there.

Poinsettia – classic red creme

Traffic jam - A deep fuchsia/raspberry creme

Once again I have to say I’m not the best at describing colours. It’s just sad to say that until this age I still don’t know how to sing the rainbow song. I think I was ill when it was taught during primary/elementary school. I blame that as the prime reason why I suck at distinguishing what kind of pink traffic jam is along with other colours. Haha.

I realised I have many colours similar to these two but I still end up picking similar ones up. Just in the last haul of some of the Electropop collection you might find one or two shades similar to traffic jam. I guess it’s because I want to pickup almost every shade out there even though they look very alike and I love it when I receive nail mail. 

Anyone remember these polishes? Did you pick them up?

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