NOTD: First proper attempt at one stroke nail art

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They’re not the best one stroke flowers and petals you might’ve seen, in fact looking at it closely it doesn’t quite look like them but this was real fun to do. I’ve tried out one stroke before but they were mainly failed attempts which are why I’ve never posted any of them up. I wanted to perfect this technique so I picked up the flat brush and pulled out those acrylic paints again.

One stroke sounds and looks much easier than it actually is. I did this attempt whilst watching instructions on YouTube; I started doing practice strokes on paper at first which didn’t look any good so I went ahead and tried doing some petals on top of China Glaze’s blonde bombshell since I was due for a polish change soon anyway.

It’s mainly about moving your brush in an up down motion. I did two petals in the corner as half of a flower and a random petal on the right. I like the combination of yellowy-gold, white and red. Slightly reminds me of Chinese New Year.

 I prefer this in person though because you see less of the mistakes, the brush strokes and at a quick glance they do resemble petals a bit. The base is very sparkly too but in these close up photos they just don’t look the same.

Photo taken under my lamp
I figure it might be my brush as well. I’m using a small flat top brush I received in a 15 nail art brush set I purchased on EBay for around £2 or less. It’s just about alright but not good enough for the job. Apparently synthetic brushes are really good for one stroke but the ones I’ve seen retail for around £11 and above. Ouch, £11 for a brush? I don’t even spend so much on a polish let alone a brush. I’m sure I’ll find a cheaper alternative that works well enough.

Have you tried one stroke nail art before? What do you think about my attempt?

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  1. Cute! Yours came out great! :)

  2. I think you did a great job at the one stroke... I've tried & it really looks bad! You're right, it looks much easier than it is!!!


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