NOTD: Dotted skittle manicure

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I had second thoughts about whether I wanted to post this manicure because if you look carefully you’ll see a few mistakes and some parts are not straight. I have a list of manicure ideas I want to try out and the first on the list is a dotted manicure. Simple enough right?

I couldn’t decide on a base colour, I was torn between a few light and dark ones before I went with more than a few pastels. I’m surprised to say I didn’t have the right blue which would have been perfect for this manicure. Need to make a mental note of this for any future purchases.

I should have used a different sized dotting tool because I feel the dots are a little too big. I did something different for the thumb though; I used Essie’s Blanc as a base and dotted all the pastel colours on top. It looks even more fun than the other nails; I might recreate it when I’m feeling for a dotted manicure again.
What’s on my nails:
Thumb (Not shown): Essie’s Blanc
Index: Essie’s lilacism
Middle: China Glaze’s re-fresh mint
Ring: China Glaze’s something sweet
Pinkie: Essie’s Lapis of luxury

I prefer the manicure in person and from afar because it’s colourful and you see less of the mistakes. I received more than a few compliments at work from my colleagues and customers, in the end I left them on for almost a week. 

Excuse the photos, I was in a slight hurry my cuticles doesn’t look too healthy and my nail shape isn’t on point. I realised they weren’t so straight after I’ve already painted them, I attempted to file them but it only made the polish go wrinkly because it hadn’t dried yet and my patience level was too low to wait for it to dry.

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  1. So cute. Love the colors and polka dots :)

  2. those polka dots are so cute! I found you blog via luuux and I love all the nail colors you have here!! I am following you now =)

    1. Thanks for the follow Mindy :) I'm glad you like my manicure.


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