Haul: China Glaze’s on safari native collection

Monday, July 09, 2012

I have here another haul I made, this one was purchased from Transdesign and it was my first time purchasing from them. I felt safer buying from this site than I did with the last one I bought from because it’s more popular and offers PayPal as a payment method. Everything went smoothly, my order was confirmed and shipped out on the 18th June, 4 days after I placed and paid for my order and it reached my door step within a week.  Good stuff!

I believe this is China Glaze’s first fall collection this year and the polish colours are indeed very fall. What’s with China glaze bringing out these big collections lately? This one has twelve shades, the native collection consists of six of them and they’re mostly the darker, vampy colours.

The six shades in this set are:

Man hunt – a very rich slightly dark blue
Kind of reminds me of first mate and Bermuda breakaway, the only blue polishes I have similar to this except I think man hunt looks much bluer, deeper and much manly haha.

Exotic encounters – a teal crème that leans more to the greener side.
I’ve come to like teals after trying out OPI’s Ski teal we drop, the first one I have. I’m just not crazy over greens so I’m in between with this one. Of course I’d have to give it a try before I can tell you whether I like it or not.

Elephant walk - a grey with small silver shimmers
My collections lacks on greys, I don’t have a lot but with this one it’s the shimmers that pull me in. 

Jungle queen – a brown with purple shimmer
Whenever I pick this one up it never fails to show the purple shimmer, looks like the shimmer wants to be far from subtle that’s why I’m liking it already. I’m hoping it will translate to the nails.

Purr-fect plum – a purplish plum crème (erm, I'm pretty good at descriptions huh? Haha)
I’m excited to try this one; I like those kinds of vampy berry/purple shades.

Prey tell – a very vampy brown shade
I’ve only tried light brown shades so I want to see how this one wears for me. It’s very vampy, I guess that’s something to like about this shade.

I did have to google to confirm what colour they were before I wrote the colour descriptions be I can’t always make out what they really are from the bottle. Besides I work these out at night under insufficient light, I still want to give the closest description though.

I couldn’t just stay with these six and leave the rest out so I’ve made another purchase for the tourist collection which has the remaining polishes. It’s nice to take a break from all the bright pastel or neon colours we’ve all been seeing this spring/summer. I’m excited to try quite a few of these so look out for some NOTDs.

Which ones do you like out of this part of the collection? Did you pick up any for yourself?

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