NOTD: Second attempt at water marble nails

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

If you’re reading from my nail blog I bet you’re thinking where’s the first attempt? Well, I only posted that on my LUUUX blog because I felt it weren’t good enough for my proper blog. Maybe I should have done so, so people could see the improvement from the first to my second. I really like how this one turned out even though it wasn’t perfect. There’s still room for improvements on some parts but overall this one was much better than my last.

I took around half an hour testing out polishes to see which ones would spread nicely in the water; I wasted quite a bit of polish doing this. In the end I went with China Glaze’s light as air and Essie’s Haute as hello which I’ve never posted as a full manicure because the bright ‘scorching coral’ as Essie describes it just didn’t look great with my skin. Thought it didn’t match I know it wouldn’t go to waste because I’d keep it for any nail art. I do that with all colours I’m not a fan of.

This time what I did different was I actually taped my cuticle area with sellotape, some of you may know it as scotch tape. Clean up was much easier without it. I used my dotting tool to draw the pattern instead of toothpick, don’t think it’s the best tool to use but it didn’t do too badly. At least you can see some sort of pattern, it didn’t come out neat but I like the colour combo. I left this manicure on a little longer than I planned to.

My cuticles aren’t looking fresh but with the amount of acetone I’ve been using on it I’m not surprised. I like the shape of my nails this time too, I rounded off the edges more than I usually do and it looks pretty good like that. I can’t really keep my nail shape consistent without having something look slightly different each time.

What I did:
  • Applied The Edge base coat
  • Then using Essie’s Blanc to apply two even coats and wait to dry
  • In turn putting a drop of China Glaze’s Light as air and Essie’s Haute as hello until the cup is filled and taking the dotting tool to draw the pattern 
  • Dipped my fingers into the pattern and using the dotting tool, removed the excess polish
  • After repeating the above steps to all finger, I removed the tape did some cleanups with acetone and applied a layer of China Glaze’s fast forward top coat
What do you think of my second attempt? How do you feel about the colour combination?

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  1. Super cute! I love this color combo. I need to try marbling on my own someday... lol, "someday" ;)

  2. I like how your water marbling turned out! I'm still too chicken to try it! haha


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