Haul: Rest of China Glaze’s Electropop collection

Monday, July 02, 2012

I already own one polish from the Electropop collection, Techno which is by far my favourite holographic glitter so I decided to haul the rest that I’d prefer out of the whole set. This collection was made mostly of crèmes and one glitter. There were one or two more I wanted but my EBay seller didn’t have them in stock. 

Gothic Lolita – purple with subtle blue/pink shimmer

Wicked style – raspberry pink

Aquadelic – Turquoise crème which looks more blue to me

Dance baby –A standard pink crème

Electric beat – Looks like a periwinkle blue shade

Fuchsia fanatic – bright fuchsia pink

The one I’m most eager to try is Aquadelic because that seems like a popular shade amongst other people. I’m hoping it’s a colour like Color club’s blue-ming which is a favourite turquoise of mine.

These reached me within two weeks with no trouble; the only problem I have is with Dance baby. If you look closely you might see some polish dripped onto the neck of the bottle, this was before I even opened it. It bothers me to think that someone might have opened the bottle and played around with what’s inside. I know this is just nail polish but I just hate the thought of people tampering with my stuff.

In my opinion they’re all shades that can be easily duped so if you have anything similar you can avoid these shades from this collection. They all look like very sweet colours though.

Did you pick up any polishes from this collection? Which ones?

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