NOTD: China Glaze’s Blonde bombshell

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remember the bunch of eye candy glitters I hauled not very long ago? Well here’s another one. I liked the first one I tried which was some like it haute but I much prefer this one. It’s pretty bright, sparkly even though it doesn’t look so much in the photos.

Blonde bombshell is small, medium golden yellow glitters in a clear base but one thing I didn’t see when I first looked at the bottle even after examining under my table lamp was the bar glitters. In the pictures you could actually see a few of them. Another thing is I didn’t notice that you could actually see my nails until I saw the photos on my computer. In person it looked a little more opaque than that.

I’ve only applied two coats there but I’ve left it at one coat on my right hand which is not pictured. If those empty spaces bother you then go ahead and apply another coat. In my opinion it definitely looks good as a full manicure by itself or even layered over another polish but I’d have to experiment with that a little later. I wish I pictured it as one coat just to show the difference. It’s like a layer of gold sprinkled onto the nails.

If you notice the nail on my ring finger you could obviously figure I didn’t do a pretty job at cleaning up. Well, I didn’t have enough time to do so it was 8-9pm that’s just about when the sky gets dark here. With glitters it takes a bit more time for me as well. 

I think I need to buy new cleanup brushes before my current one ends up in the bin. The easy option would be EBay but I actually want to see the brush in person before I take it home. I was thinking of finding a craft store to check if the art brushes would work but I haven’t found a local craft store yet.

What do you guys think of Blonde bombshell?

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