Haul: China Glaze on safari tourist collection

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here’s the other half of the on safari collection. Not only did I purchase these but I added a few more polishes to my online cart since I wanted to try out other brands. That will be in the post to come because I had to separate my order for it to fit into the flat rate box. Transdesign’s shipping cost does seem to be a little cheaper than the EBay seller I usually purchase from, just by a little though. But hey, if it saves me a few pounds then why shouldn’t I go with them.

These six from the safari collection consists of a few lighter shades and two glitters. They are:

Adventure red-y – Rich red crème
I’ve already given this one a try so you’ll have to watch out for a post on that. It looks really red

Call of the wild – Vampy brown crème
This one looks like prey tell except it seems a little lighter

Desert sun – Looks like an orange-y mustard crème
Not crazy about this one because it’s orange. This is my first polish that is so close to orange, I don’t have anything in my collection because I usually think me and orange aren’t compatible unless it’s the fruit.

Kalahari kiss – Light creamy yellow-y camel shade
I’m curious about this one, it’s slightly yellow but I see some kind of nude in it. I like that. Hopefully it won’t make my hands look dead. These shades tend to be a hit or miss with me.

I’m not lion – Brown-ish gold and holographic glitter
Saw a swatch of this one on another nail blog and loved it. It’s almost like sand, glistening sand. Oh oh, it’s like wet sand when the suns shining on it. At least that’s what I think it’s trying to resemble, that’s what it reminds me of.

I herd that - Fine orange and holographic glitter
I like that this one looks a bit fiery 

These shades fit the ‘safari’ theme more with the glitter, light yellow and orangey polishes. I’m most eager to play around with the glitter shades because I’d reckon they’d look great sponged on the tips or as a full manicure.

Did you pick up any from this half of the collection? Which one do you like the look of the most?

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