NOTD: China Glaze’s adventure red-y

Friday, July 13, 2012

It’s been way too long since I’ve worn a red or at least it feels like it. I miss wearing them especially those vampy ones besides I have quite a few waiting to be worn so I picked whichever was closest to me and slapped it on for the next day at work. This one didn’t disappoint in the end, the opacity was by far one of the best I’ve come across from China Glaze.

This polish is definitely a one coater, I applied two coats but one really doesn’t look far off from what you’re seeing in the photos. The formula was slightly thick though so working fast and loading your brush with a little more would help otherwise you’d end up dragging the polish which I did at some point. Partly the reason why I ended up adding another coat but I’d say one is really all you need.

All taken indoors, natural light

In some lighting it looks sort of dark, slightly vampy, a bit like a blood red to me but in daylight it’s bright. In fact I didn’t like it so much at first. In natural light it became very red that it made my hands look pale and lifeless, slightly old too. I pondered whether I actually wanted to keep wearing this one out but I had no time to take it off.

The lighting at work really helps change my mind about a lot of shades. It turned out to be alright the more I looked at it. Guess it had to be one of them shades I have to face long enough to see the beauty of.

It actually didn’t stain my nails so much. Now that’s a surprise even though it really doesn’t affect me so much whether it did or not. I thought I’d just mention it. Your fingers will end up as a hot mess if you’re one to swirl the cotton pad over your nails though.  I just couldn’t be careful enough with the cleanups because I’d end up loading my brush with a little too much of acetone and whilst cleaning it’ll make the polish bleed over my cuticles. I stopped just in case I made things worse.

What's the favourite red polish you own? Would you purchase this polish?

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